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    Ground-breaking research is needed to fight the global emergency of antimicrobial resistance.
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    The PhD students are actively working and achieving their first results.
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    Tackling the challenge of emerging drug resistant bacteria: a multidisciplinary problem.

About Alert

The current overuse of antibiotics is leading to the emergence of multidrug resistant (MDR) bacteria. These MDR pathogens continue to evolve at a terrifying rate and confer resistance to most or all presently available antibacterial treatments. Antimicrobial resistance is an eminent global problem that calls for an integrated approach that surpasses disciplines, sectors and borders.



Researchers and Supervisors gathered for the ALERT Summer Meeting 2018 in Groningen, where all the progress of the projects was presented.

Research projects

Projects with a focus on chemical synthesis
Projects with a focus on biotechnological synthesis
Projects with a focus on nanotechnology approaches
Projects with a focus on in vivo testing