The ALERT-COFUND international PhD program, jointly hosted by the University of Groningen and the University Medical Center Groningen (the Netherlands), offers 19 high level fellowships for a joint program on antimicrobial research. The ALERT program aims to empower you to become part of the next generation of antimicrobial experts, who take a leading position in tackling the challenge of emerging multidrug resistant bacteria.

The most talented and motivated students will be selected for a 4-year advanced multidisciplinary research training, starting December 2016. You will obtain specialist training through cutting-edge research projects, specialist advanced courses and training schools, complemented by workshops on generic research and transferable skills. In addition, you will have the opportunity to go abroad on international secondments at leading places in academia and industry.

As a PhD student in the ALERT program, you will have – as any other “normal” PhD student – a host lab, where you will be doing your research. ALERT is financially supported by the European Commission because it provides excellent research, training and career aspects (which is something that is sometimes not guaranteed when doing a “normal” PhD).

Besides from participating in exciting and society-relevant research centered around antibiotics, doing a PhD within the ALERT program has numerous benefits:

  • You will get the chance to participate in specially developed courses (for instance; on specific techniques, on development of soft skills, etc.)
  • You can  already at a very early stage start building your personal professional network due to the embedding of our PhD projects in an academic/industrial network
  • You will be exposed to industry and the challenges in industry already during the PhD, because we have partners from industry in our network (who also contribute to the training)
  • You will also get the opportunity to spend some time in the labs of other partners (thereby you will get familiar with other disciplines, techniques, cultures, etc.), as the research projects are designed such that they will mostly have interdisciplinary and collaborative components
  • You will be advised by excellent group leaders – they all have a strong research profile and are experienced supervisors.
  • You will get a competitive salary.