Harita Yedavally

Nanotechnology approaches to create antimicrobials ESR 3.1

Nanomedicine based approaches to antibiotic resistance

Nanosized materials are processed by cells in different ways than small molecules, such as standard drugs, opening up the possibility of using them as drug delivery vehicles in nanomedicine. Encapsulating antibiotics in nanosized carriers could improve their delivery, thus also reducing the occurrence of antibiotic resistance.  In this research project, targeted carriers of different design will be developed in collaboration with the Laboratories of Prof. Wolfgang Parak (Marburg University, Germany) and Prof. Francesco Stellacci (EPFL, Switzerland). This will also include strategies to reduce clearance by the immune system. Their behavior on cells and bacterial cultures will be tested with cell biology approaches, using a combination of methods such as flow cytometry and fluorescence imaging in order to track their uptake and efficacy.

Department: Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy, RUG

Expertises: Cell biology, nanotechnology, biotechnology

Principal investigator(s):  Anna Salvati

Contact: h.yedavally@rug.nl 

Harita Yedavally