Joint research program on novel tailor-made antimicrobials and delivery strategies

Join our exciting research on the development of novel antimicrobials and delivery strategies, and become part of the next generation of antimicrobial experts.  You will obtain specialist training through cutting-edge research projects, specialist advanced courses and training schools, complemented by workshops on generic research and transferable skills. In addition, you will have the opportunity to go abroad on international secondments at leading places in academia and industry.

The current overuse of antibiotics is leading to the emergence of multidrug resistant (MDR) bacteria. These MDR pathogens continue to evolve at a terrifying rate and confer resistance to most or all presently available antibacterial treatments. Antimicrobial resistance is an eminent global problem that calls for an integrated approach that surpasses disciplines, sectors and borders.

The ALERT program aims to develop novel tailor-made antimicrobials and delivery strategies, from synthesis towards clinical applications. Under the supervision of top scientists in different fields and sectors related to antimicrobial research, 19 PhDs will conduct research within four main areas:

To investigate methods that drastically shorten the time for identifying and preparing novel antimicrobial molecules, using innovative chemical synthesis approaches.

To enable the development of new antimicrobials employing biotechnological tools, taking into consideration the design and construction of novel drug molecules.

To create new antimicrobials that can treat infections in the body locally by using nanotechnology approaches.

To test the most promising antimicrobial drug candidates in animal models.