Simona Bianca

Chemical synthesis of antimicrobials  ESR 1.1

Novel catalysis for the late stage modification of complex antibiotics

Complex molecule functionalization, including complex molecule diversification, is one of the frontiers of contemporary chemistry. Control over chemical reactivity and predictable selectivity are the key goals in this field. C-H activation is an important development in this connection and complementary to this, our group developed a method to regioselectively oxidize unprotected oligosaccharides (ANIE 2013, pp 7809-7812). During the ALERT program, catalytic reactions that selectively modify complex molecules, in particular antibiotics, will be developed and applied to diversify the scaffold or to avoid resistance. Photoredox chemistry and transition metal-catalyzed C-H oxidation will be important methods, backed up by (multistep) organic synthesis. 

Department:  Stratingh Institute for Chemistry, RUG

Expertises: bio-organic chemistry

Principal investigator(s):  Prof. Adriaan J. Minnaard , Prof. Martin D. Witte


Simona Bianca