Valentina Vignali

Nanotechnology approaches to create antimicrobials ESR 3.3

Virus-polymer hybrids as novel antimicrobial agents

Virus particles are an interesting class of materials for investigating new biomedical applications including drug/gene delivery, bio-sensing and bio-imaging. Bacteriophages are considered as a class of antimicrobial particles as they selectively infect bacteria and hence can be envisioned as a natural treatment against microbes.

Very recently, we developed a new method for functionalizing the surface of protein structures including virus particles with polymers in a single step. The aim of the research project is to use Bacteriophage M13 combined with the novel synthetic approach to lower the host immune response allowing bacteriophage treatment to be longer effective against infections within the body.

Department: Biomedical Engineering, UMCG

Expertises: Nanotechnology

Principal investigator(s): Dr Patrick van Rijn


Valentina Vignali