Yanyan Wu

Nanotechnology approaches to create antimicrobials ESR 3.5

Antibacterial silica-silver nanocomposites for clinical applications

The aim of this research project is to develop antimicrobial silica-silver nanocomposites for clinical applications. During the Alert Program, quaternary ammonium-containing copolymers (pQA) are anchored on the surface of silica nanoparticles (SiNPs). Subsequent addition of AgNO3 induces in situ formation of AgBr nanoparticles in the polymer shell. The formed SiNPs-pQA/AgBr nanocomposites are then incorporated into a number of matrix resins customized for different clinical applications. These silica-silver nanocomposites will be extensively evaluated, in vitro and in vivo, in their physical, mechanical, biological, microbiological and aesthetic properties to meet the demands for clinical use such as dental restorative materials, bone-graft substitutes and/or coating materials for medical devices and implants. Furthermore, 3D printability of these nanocomposites will be explored in order to fabricate personalized 3D printed dental and medical devices while maintaining their antibacterial property.

Department: Biomedical Engineering, UMCG

Expertises: Nanotechnology

Principal investigator(s): Yijin Ren

Contact: y.wu@umcg.nl

Yanyan Wu